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American Portfolios Holdings, Inc. (APH) is about to undertake a period of ambitious growth. Our path is marked. Our team is strong. Our will is resolute. Let us be instrumental in growing your business the way you want to.

American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc., (AP) is among a small segment of privately held independent broker/dealers defending its position to build and conduct business—and the businesses it serves—the way it chooses. We are not owned by a manufacturer of product, a private equity firm or a consolidator that holds eight or nine broker/dealers. Consolidation goes down the path toward conformity and the marginalization of culture in exchange for streamlining operations and reducing costs across acquired B/D firms. Listen to what others are saying about AP in the videos captured. Each speaks to AP’s upward ascent charted by tying interconnected strategic perspectives—people, innovation, process and customer—to advance its ambitious vision for growth and greatness.

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Through American Portfolio Advisors, Inc., the Nine Points Advisory Services Platform currently offers seven programs within two management disciplines: advisor-managed and institutionally managed. You choose...Go toRead On


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Explore the inner workings of what's possible because the powerhouse of thought is not burdened by complexities. In an industry subverted by multiple agendas and conflicts of interest, our transparent approach puts our clients and ourselves at ease.Go toSee Video

The American Portfolios Advantage

American Portfolios' mission is to provide the best business solutions, support, and services that its financial professionals require in order to achieve financial freedom for you - the investor.

American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. was conceived by a group of like-minded, independent financial service professionals and private practice dedicated to serving their clients by offering sound financial guidance and solid investment advice.

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No. 1 Company to Work for in NY in 2016 and in Top Ten Companies to Work for in 2017, 2018 and 2019

CEO Lon T. Dolber, stated, "There is no greater affirmation as a leader of a firm than knowing the satisfaction of your employees, and in turn your customers. I've always believed that the success of any company has to start, first and foremost, with your people and their well-being." The firm's 100-plus employees work collaboratively to service the business needs of 788 independent investment professionals and their affiliated assistants and support staff located in 353 branch offices throughout the United States. Employees are part of a corporate culture that embraces interconnected strategic company perspectives -- People, Innovation, Process, Customer, Financial and Community -- and the foundation from which all planning and executions are derived. Go toRead Press Release 2019 


American Portfolios Annual Review

In 2018 it was a breakaway year for American Portfolios (AP). The playing field for independent financial services was not unlike prior years – a game of broker/dealers – of consolidators expanding and contracting as changing industry and financial trends dictated. A short-end game for businesses large and small looking to cut their losses while ahead, the benefits of some outweighed the detriment of many—many being investment professionals in private practice.

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AP has chosen a different playbook. It is one with a consistent management approach designed for a company that is built to last. And while the financial services industry, as we know it, will not be the same ten years—perhaps even five years—from now,  AP has taken great strides to ensure longevity for the team and the private practices it serves, preserving the culture and core values they have come to expect and know. Go toRead Review

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Winner of Broker/Dealer of the Year 5 Years in a Row

Fifteen years ago on Sept. 10, 2001, we founded our company with the simple idea that every financial advisor should have only one person to answer to—the client. Yet, this recognition is not for the idea or the company; it’s for the people, our full-time associates, affiliated colleagues, investing clients and communities in which we live that make it all possible. It’s small proof that, in America, anything is possible when people come together to follow a truly independent path.. Go toSee Award Press Release Go to  See Advertisement with links to ThinkAdvisor's article

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